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  1. DR RS Deep Cleanser

    Removes excess oil and grime from your skin.

    Better suited for acne prone skin.

    Removes excess oil and grime from skin.

  2. DR RS Pure Derm Cream

    The Pure range is based on the principle that only the purest, safest and most technically advanced ingredients are used in the formulation and manufacturing process.

    The Pure range has been designed to have Minimal Environmental impact (MEI).

    Pure Derm is suitable for use on the body and face. Pure Derm can be used as a moisturiser, shaving cream or diluent.

  3. DR RS Eczema Cream

    Formulated and endorsed by a leading South African Dermatologist, this 93% complimentary anti-fungal organic cream helps treat Eczema, Psoriasis and Dermatitis. It helps to reduce redness and irritation. It aids in the repair of infected, hot, itchy and dry skin and the more severe forms of broken, weeping, raw and bleeding skin. RS Derma Eczema Treatment Cream is beneficial to those with inflamed, infected and deitalised skin with proper use eczema may be reduced.

  4. DR RS Facial Soap

    Formulated by a South African dermatologist for all skin types.

  5. DR RS Acne Pack

    For the treatment of Acne.

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5 Item(s)